Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nostalgic Nineties

I've noticed that a lot of companies are bringing back their stuff from the Ninties. Nickelodeon has their '90s are All That' block and Cartoon Network recently announced that they would be doing something similar.
And it's kind of obvious why: the 90s rocked. Period. End of statement.
Sure, you can try and argue with me, I'll even listen. And then point and laugh as you get chased out by Millennials throwing buckets of Nickelodeons famous green slime.
The tv shows, the game shows, the cartoons! The toys, the stupid fashion crazes! The candies and food so radioactive that your skin started glowing! It was truly the pinnacle of kid-dom.
We few, we lucky few who grew up during that time know how special it was and how much it set the basis for what we consider good entertainment today.
For example, when you see one of the current kids game shows, do you have flashbacks to Legends of the Hidden Temple, probably the greatest game show ever created? Or Wild and Crazy Kids, a game show literally set in a water park? How about Double Dare, a family show where the entire point was to get messy and act wacky.
Or in the TV world, when you watch a horror movie, are you taken back to the first time Are You Afraid of the Dark or Aaaahhh Real Monsters scared you?
Or how about when you see a familiar plot line in one of your favorite books and think, ha!, Animorphs did it first. Or , hey!, they stole that from The Babysitters Club!
And, boy, didn't we listen to some strange and rather pathetic attempts at music, and yet you find yourself singing along whenever you wander across those songs on your iPod.
The amazing thing about our generation is that we can still relive those nostalgic moments. Where other generations nostalgia was lost in the relentless grind of time, most of ours was saved by the forward march of technology.
So if you wander across one of those rare Burger King Rugrats watches on eBay or YouTube some demonic Furbys, take a second to laugh and smile because the Nineties were morphanominal and now we can share those painful Slap bracelets and multi-cored Beanie Babies with a whole new generation.
So how about it, all you no-existing people not out there, sound off on your favorite Nineties moments: from the Secret World of Alex Mac to the fashion disasters that were Fountain Top Ponytails, I want to hear what you remember best or what would you like to see come back?

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