Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bookish Pleasure

Ok, I have a Kindle App on my phone and I do use it to read when I'm not at home so I can understand their appeal. But when you pass up the change to read a perfectly good series just because you'd have to use a physical copy instead of a digital one, that's when I get a little confused. There are few pleasures as pure as sitting down on a rainy day in a big, fluffy chair and reading a good, thick book. And it just doesn't feel the same if you're using a digital device. You don't feel the thickness of the pages between your fingers or the slight thrill of waiting to find out what happens next as you turn the page. So I understand why Kindles and Nooks and their kin are popular- they're a portable library in your pocket for goodness sake!- but know that a series will be just as good- and in my opinion better- if you have to read a physical copy instead of a digital one.

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